Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

Our school was rather short this week.  Monday we returned from the beach, and today was an awesome field trip day for nature study at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserves, so we only had regular school three days this week.  We did some catch up work but nothing terribly exciting.

Last week we were at Atlantic Beach, NC.  We'd planned the trip months ago never dreaming spring weather would already be here.  I had visions of walking on the beach in sweatshirts, but lo and behold we had sunny skies, warm temps and children IN THE OCEAN.  It was too cold for this momma, but not too much for the children.  They also enjoyed the indoor swimming pool, building in the sand, reading An Enormous Egg, laughing, and getting to watch HGTV (since we don't have that at home).  Muffy, along with help from big brother S, did some cooking from her Paula Deen's kids and her Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade kids cookbooks.  She did two of our dinners.  Having kids and a husband who can cook is a WONDERFUL thing, and TASTY too! 

Friday, we spent most of our time on the beach.  I finally got to finish Old Fashioned Girl (Alcott).  The Cupcake thought it would be fun to wake her Daddy by playing with her Thomas the Tank Engine, Rosie, and friends in the middle of the night.  Muffy was so thoughtful to help her pack just enough track to make a circle!

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Beaufort, North Carolina's third oldest city.  Beaufort was having a special historical day, to commemorate the time period when the Union armies took over Beaufort.  They had lots of people in costume, free visits to the Josiah Fisher Bell house, the apothecary, and the jail.  Josiah Bell was a Confederate spy who attempted to run off the Union armies by blowing up two lighthouses.  Our children were encouraged to dress in costume in the Beaufort Historical Society Museum and pose for pictures.  The boys wore Union attire as they were not the right sizes for the Confederate attire.   This was followed by our first ever ride on a double decker bus, thankfully just after the rain stopped and the sun came out.  We sat on top and viewed many historical houses, including one believed to have been visited by Blackbeard.  Also, from the bus we were able to spot some wild ponies on an Carrot Island.  Our tour of Beaufort was not complete without a tromp through the cemetery to see graves of folks as far back as the 1700's.  Lastly, we treated ourselves with some takeout tasty treats from a local bakery.  I do think S's napoleon was the best!

Sunday, all went to church except me, as I woke with a tremendous headache.  The children informed me this particular church provided ear plugs at the door, so I was thankful dear husband had encouraged me to stay home.  E and his dad went to Fort Macon while I let the kids swim in the pool for as long as my head could stand.  Then, they had one last playtime on the beach.  E built an impressive canal in the sand.

Our lunch stop on the home was the Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, where we ate packed sandwiches, and took a short hike to stretch our legs. 

We had a great relaxing break, but as always "There is no place like home." 


  1. Love it! Love the sunburnt kiddeos with their costumes, and the precious one of the little girls holding hands in the ocean!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Muffy can come cook for us anytime. :)