Saturday, March 3, 2012


Special Bow like she wore in Russia
For those of you that aren't familiar with adoption specific vocabulary, Gotcha Day is the day adoptive parents celebrate the day they are officially given custody of their child.  In other words, the day they leave the orphanage doors for good.

Yesterday marked the second year for Cupcake as part of our family.  Last year, we had just returned from Florida, after the sudden death of Matt's brother.  We were too exhausted and it was just too sad a time to celebrate.  So, this year we made sure to celebrate her coming from Russia.  She did not understand the words "Gotcha Day" so we simplified this day to be her "Special Day".  In time, hopefully setting aside this day will help her understand her roots, her importance to her family, and our love for her.

Muffin's Gifts to Cupcake
Some parents serve cuisine from the birth country.  However, serving the kids borscht on Russian Christmas (Jan. 6) might be all the Russian their American palettes can handle per year.  So, we did the next best thing-- SPAGHETTI!  It has always been the Cupcake's favorite meal.  I also served a white Texas sheet cake with chocolate ice cream.  The Muffin secretly made Cupcake a bracelet to give on the occasion, and composed a song (words and music all by herself).  She also wrote down a list of cute Cupcake quotes for us all to remember.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Missy, Aunt Courtney, and Uncle Caleb also came to make it extra special.  I think she felt very loved from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.  She had smiles and hugs for all.

Muffin's list of Cupcake quotes:  When a plate broke, C said "Look mommy, it a twiangle!"  C said to the Muffin often, "Let's play doggies.  I Cleo, you Clifford."  C says to Daddy, "Let's go in niskyi car (russian- little), and one from this week because she seriously wants me to change the color of our house, "I get married.  I have blue house.  While they painting we go on cation (vacation) whole family  Daddy will pay vacation."

Even though she left her birth country at almost four, she still refers to being a baby in my tummy.  We went over it again this week, as I told her she was in another lady's tummy.  I told her that person gave her life, and what a wonderful thing that is, but I'm her Momma and always will be, and that I gave her love and a family, and how glad I am that God showed her daddy and me where to find her and bring her home to be with her family.  Of course, as I get all misty-eyed about the miracle of it all, she joyfully moves on to something else.  I know I'll need to repeat it many times, but one day she will get it, and I pray she will accept all that it means, and as her daddy prayed tonight, may she grow to be a godly young woman someday, a true Christ follower.  May her identity be found not in the missing baby pictures and stories that can never be recreated, but in Christ alone, our only hope.

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  1. OK, you've made me cry. Congratulations on Gotcha Day!