Friday, September 14, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air

One of the benefits of homeschooling is getting to take vacations when most folks are in school.  This means better rates and fewer crowds.  Plus, after five rather intense weeks of school we really needed to get out of the house.  If I could live in two places at once, I'd live here at home and Lake Lure.  I love the mountains in general, but Lake Lure is one of the most beautiful spots in North Carolina in my opinion.

We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday doing a bit of relaxing, playing pool at the cabin, me working on my Japan presentation for homeschool co-op, picking apples,  hiking at Chimney Rock State Park, and a pontoon boat ride across Lake Lure.  We also enjoyed several Lamplighter Theater audio dramas in the car.  Everyone's favorite was A Peep Behind the Scenes, closely followed by Charlie's Choice.  I can't even begin to tell you how good they are, both the books and the audio dramas.  The spiritual truths are so good, always causing me to tear up a bit.  Few books these days are as well written as these timeless treasures from days long past.

It is probably goofy looking but we all wore brown for our trip to get apples, thinking we'd find lots of pumpkins as well for a fall picture.  However, we were too early this year for that.  The apple farm did have a few pumpkins for decoration that we used to get a picture of the girls.  At the apple orchard we were introduced to the Ambrosia and the Mutsu varieties.  The kids love the sweet Ambrosias.  We also picked Fuji and Cameos.  The kids had some yummy apple slushies to cool them off.  The apple experience would not have been complete without the apple cider doughnuts and apple cider we bought for breakfast.  Delicious!

Sewing a tiny purse for her sister's church offerings
And now that I've just made myself hungry, I'll leave you with some pictures and I'll find a snack!
Everyone got a turn to drive, except Mom
Momma, phonics is better with plum tea!

Lake Lure (taken from the boat)

My Sweet Pumpkins

Sweet Little Apples

Pick a bit faster, that sun is bright!

Ride almost over-- guess we can't keep the boat.

One of our attempts at a fall picture

Growing Boys--Opposite as Night and Day

We just noticed S has also passed his momma in height

Chimney Rock Hickory Nut Falls

Hickory Nut Falls, Careful Slippery Rocks

"The Chimney"  Kids are on the rock near steps