Friday, May 4, 2012

Well, we're wilted but not melted.  The children and I finished out our school week with our homeschool group field day.  All had a great time, but we're especially thankful for the air conditioning running in our house right now.  Some of the events were 50 yard dashes, sack races, tug-of-war, a hoolah hoop relay race, and water balloon toss.  Being with our good friends made the heat easier to bear.

The boys and I finished up modern world history with The Story of the World.  Next week we'll begin studying Greek history.  S- finished up The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald.  Even though there was a princess in it, there was much to appeal to boys too.  Robin Hood is STILL going and going and going.  Maybe next week we'll report that someone finishes it.   

Muffy girl beat me in finishing The Wind and the Willows first.  The chapters are so long that I told her a half a chapter each day would suffice, but she was too drawn in to the stories and kept going.  (I have one and a half chapters left.)  She was excited to complete her CLE reading course this week.  Yay, with that and grammar done for the year, it leaves a nice chunk of time for extra reading.  

Cupcake worked on the letter "H" this week.  She still struggles to remember the previously learned letter sounds.  I'm not sure she's at a point of understanding to listen for individual sounds in words, like the "h" in hat, or the b in "balloon".   Muffy shared her poetry book with Cupcake, reading her some funny and cute ones.  Of course, she really liked the dog ones.  We also continued to work on number recognition of the -teen numbers.  She demonstrated her number recognition skills in church Wednesday night flipping through the Bible and pointing to the bold chapter number headings.  She was so cute about it, but of course it was the wrong time to be enthusiastic with number knowledge in the middle of church.  At least she whispered fairly quietly.  Amazing, she (and we) made it through the ENTIRE service!  She is becoming very good friends with Squirrel Nutkin, and Jeremy Fisher (toad).  She was excited to make the connection that Jeremy Fisher's boat was a lilly pad, just like she had seen last week at the botanical gardens.  
Since we don't have the big pool up yet, I broke down and bought a plastic wading pool for the deck for the girls at least to help beat the heat and give the active one something to keep busy.  It is at least big enough for the rest of us to get our feet wet.

When Matt isn't working or doing something with the kids, you can usually find him knee deep in theology or other ministry related book.  The seminary books are working their way out of boxes.  I'm going to have to buy yet another bookcase and locate an empty wall for it, but it is exciting to do so.  

This week hasn't allowed as much free time, but I'm still reading Tozer, bit by bit and keeping up with Rat, Mole, and Toad in the willows.  Just maybe, next week I'll get my guest room curtains made.  Oh where oh where  does time go?