Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flying Penguins and Misplaced Shirts- Friday

Muffy took this picture
On Sunday, we had a great day of worship and fellowship.  We had our pastor, his wife, their son and his wife, and their children over for lunch.  It was a wee bit chilly but the children (combined total of 10!) had a great time zip lining, biking, etc.  We were blessed by our time with them.

Shorts weather on Thursday made for a perfect day of outdoor playtime with good friends.  We also went in search for mullein (a weed), but were unable to be 100% certain we'd identified it.  However, we found plenty of other things to look at for nature study.

School was not as productive as I'd have liked this week.  When I loose momentum, so does everyone else.  I was quite tired this week, and just dragging.   Matt says I probably put the bar too high to reach, but that can be a good thing as well.  If I set it too low, then maybe even less would get done.  

In Bible, our studies took us to 1 Kings, where the five bad kings of Israel (Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, and Omri)  followed  "in the ways of Jeroboam," during the time Asa was king over Judah.  It was interesting to see the progressive downfall and similarities of these kings.  We ended the week with the more familiar King Ahab. 

In history, we've camped out in Ancient Egypt.  We've been amazed at the skill the ancient Egyptians possessed with such intricate carvings, laborious pyramids, sculptures, and ships.  The Muffin has declared several times that it is sad and such a waste that they spent so much time creating things for the afterlife, things they could never use once they died.  It makes us appreciate all the more the assurance of the hope we have in Christ.

S-- finished The Adventures in Tom Sawyer, reading some of it late into the evening and reached for it when he woke in the morning.  It brings a smile to my face when a "school" book is picked up during free time hours.  S moved to level 3 of Alfred's in piano this week.  He's so excited to move along.  He's taken on a project of removing vines, weeds, and an pieces of wire fencing from the side yard for his dad.

E- finished Captains Courageous, filling us in with many a detail in his adventure.  He's been devouring the latest issue of Our State magazine in his spare time, and enjoying time in his tree house.

The Muffin was so thrilled to learn about microbes in a book about Louis Pasteur.  She keeps telling me how much she loves science and apparently the microbes were quite a hit.  She was also excited to add adverbs to her diagramming abilities.

The Cupcake has spent one more week working on activities to reinforce the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.  I think she's got "u" and "v" straight now.  I've been saving a Hooked-On-Phonics boxed set I found at Ollies for $9, originally $60, to teach the sounds.  She knows we are going to start something new so she said, "Now I be reading."  Well, I told her we'd be getting a start to it, but it would still be awhile.  Bless her heart, this week the top shelf that sits over the desk dividers, came crashing down on her, disconnecting and messing up two of the computers.  She wasn't hurt but it scared her so bad.  The Muffin wrapped protective arms around the shaking one, while I grabbed the offending wood piece from doing further damage.  The Muffin told the Cupcake, "Even the penguins on your gown are scared", to which I replied, "Yeah, I think they flew off the gown in their fright."  So, then we had a laugh, and the Muffin drew a comic strip of the incident.  (And yes, sometimes we homeschool in our jammies.)

In the car, the Cupcake was listening to a kid's song about doubting Thomas needing to touch Jesus' side.  This provided an interesting discussion.  I could tell she was a bit confused, especially when she said, "Thomas the Tank Engine was with Jesus?"  No, darling, a very different Thomas!

There have been lots of Thomas the Tank Engine Uno games played this week with the Cupcake. You play it the same as regular Uno, so it is a good one I can rope even the boys into playing it with her.  She thinks it rather fun to give people the plus 2 card.  Also, the Muffin and I played her new wooden color Soduko game this week, with a little help from our logic expert, S.  The fun in this though was that S is so color blind, even he found it a challenge.

I got a minor amount of sewing done this week.  The Muffin's purse had broken, so I've been wanting to make her a new one.  She was so pleased with how this one turned out.  I've promised the Cupcake one as well.  

Matt has many projects going.  He has learned this week that just because something is in your closet does not mean it is yours.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out the other night why his shirt was so snug, a new shirt, then I realized the problem.  I said, "Matt, why are you wearing Stephen's new shirt?"  He said, "Well that explains a lot."  Stephen does wear men size shirts now, but not quite Matt's size.  We all had such a chuckle over that one, especially since he had no idea the whole day wearing it why it was so snug.

Today was Gotcha Day, so stayed tuned because it deserves it's very own extra special post.

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  1. Thomas the Tank Engine and Jesus! LOL! And poor Matt! That's just funny. :)