Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I so wanted to post pictures, but Matt cannot find a particular cord (I see a bag full, apparently not the right one). If he finds it we will post pictures when we arrive in Moscow.

Irina was very excited to see us, spoke of "machina" (car) and BEEP-BEEP. She did beautifully in the car ride to the hotel, and even in the mall where we stopped for some food for her. She just kept looking up at both of us and grinning real big.

There have been no tears for her today. All HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. She is already learning we have to say NYET (no) quite a bit, but is seemingly ok with that. She is thrilled at the freedom of going to the bathroom whenever she wants, so we have been at least 20 times today. She loves to push the button on the back of the toilet for the big SWOOSH! In fact any button is great. She enjoys the elevator. We've tried just about every sofa and chair in the general areas of the hotel, and have been up and down the stairs over and over.

A sweet thing today-- She was singing-- kind of humming, didn't sound like real words but she was definitely making music, something I've tried to get her to in the past. It was real cute, and she did it often throughout the afternoon.

She is highly energetic and the hotel is not a good place for that so we bundled her up real good and walked to the mall. She did real well holding our hands and staying with us. I gave her a shovel to scoop snow on the walk, and she enjoyed that.

We ate dinner at the restaurant at the top of the hotel-- kind of fancy, but not much else available-- and our crackers and PB wouldn't suffice as a meal for a growing toddler. She ate real well, and before we left, wiped down the seat, and brushed all crumbs from the tablecloth with a napkin. She looked like she worked in the place. It was hilarious. You should of seen Matt and I trying to move the long stem glasses, candle, etc. as she cleaned the table.

Another cute thing-- She got her mittens terribly dirty on our walk so she helped me wash them and hang them to dry.

She is a cutie, and has received lots of compliments and admirers around the hotel. We finally got her to sleep tonight, and will head out for Moscow on the airplane in the morning.

That's all for now. Our internet minutes are almost up with this hotel.


  1. We are so excited with all the stories about Ira. We are so happy that she has had no tears so far but smiles of joy ( her middle name). I can just imagine her trying out all the chairs in the hotel lobby. Very toddlerish! from Babushka

    mommy do you know how the word hello is pronounced? if so next time you call please tell me. i wish i could talk to Ira . i cant wait till Ira you and daddy come home . from Olivia

    I am very excited for you and dad to come home with Ira . i am very happy at how well Ira adapted to you . I Am doing very well in school . I'm very excited to see Ira . from, Stephen

  2. Tiffany, My heart is filled with JOY right now at your words. I have been super worried about this week for you and Matty and feel relieved to know that the process of "going home" is starting out well. I am praying that it continues. I am thrilled about meeting her and seeing you this Monday! Love you, Missy

  3. from Olivia. i cant believe in a few days we will have cupcake !i am SO exited about cupcake coming home. by the sounds of what i have herd she is to! loving and missing you good by for now!

  4. Grampy is excited to have another little grand-daughter in his life!

  5. Hello says Huggy and Evan. What did Ira think of the plane? Were there any free refreshments? Did you get me a Russian Sprite bottle? Please bring us some Russian chocolate if possible. I really miss you.I am excited to meet Ira. What does she look like?