Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 2 With Irina Joy

Irina slept fitfully last night, no crying but waking and rocking herself back and forth. Can't wait to rock and comfort her in the glider rocker back home. When Papa's loud alarm went off this morning though, she was all smiles. She was cooperative with dressing quickly so we could eat breakfast before leaving for the airport. We seemed to love the pureed bananas and a cereal bar, milk box.

The beautiful big brown eyes were constantly watching everything today. It was mostly a day of travel. Traffic is so bad here that we were actually in the car for quite a bit more than when we were on the airplane. She was excited about the airplane and did not get afraid during take-off or landing. She was very proud to get to wear her butterfly backpack on her back. She only got perturbed with me once on the plane when she dropped the spoon she'd been playing with and I took it away. She is not concerned about germs. She will eat off of the floor and even the trash. I try to say "icky", not sure she gets it. We finally arrived at the hotel in Moscow around 3:00 (1 hour time difference from Samara). So, too late for a nap. She enjoyed helping me put things away, so much so that she decided to put my bag, her backpack, and every single toy we brought in a drawer or a cabinet. She is very THOROUGH. She's going to be a big help at home. Our translator said to make sure we do let her help with things, because she was known for helping out so much in the orphanage. They say she is so helpful and kindhearted with everyone.

Besides being a good girl on the plane, Ira Joy was much calmer today. We took a cold walk this afternoon with her. This time she kept her mittens clean. She was plumb tuckered out tonight at dinner, but ate chicken and potatoes very well. I would not let her eat all of it because she is used to much less and I knew she would get sick. She teared up a little at bedtime, but I bundled her up in her blanket I made her and sang and gave kisses, till she got out of my lap to stretch out on the bed and go to sleep. It did not take long at all and it seems her sleep is more peaceful.

Tomorrow she gets a visit at the hotel from the doctor as requirement of the American Embassy. We hope to get a visit in to Red Square. I'll have to dress warmer than today, denim skirts with only knee socks definitely not right attire. I've been told this hotel has a playroom for kids so we will probably check that out as well.

I've learned a teensy bit of Russian, and Ira is learning "wash hands", and "up", and "down" (thanks to the elevator- also, have to remind her Papa that 3 year olds like to be the one to press the BUTTON-- he keeps forgetting that!).

I think Privyet is "hello", Olivia, at least on the telephone it is. Evan thanks for reminding me about the sprite bottle, I'll try if I can get one not glass. Will bring chocolate, the hotel housekeepers gave it in Samara when they cleaned the room. We miss you all and can't wait to be back home.


  1. Give our little girl a kiss from Babushka. I love all the stories about her. It just tore at my heart to think of her tearing up and unable to express what she was feeling. Anyway, I am sure all of this is to be expected. In the months to come, there may be some tears, but not for the same reasons.

  2. Hello sissy! Glad to receive more good news about little miss Ira! I can just picture her moving papa's hands to press the elevator button herself. I also think it is cute thinking about her learning up and down and putting everything away. Praying that the trip will continue to be a positive one. Can't wait to finally have her home.

    About the sprite can for Evan; make sure you don't try to take it on the plane as you can no longer bring drinks from the outside. Also, if it is carbonated it may explode in your checked luggage from the air pressure (just something to think about).