Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor's Visit and Trip to the Embassy

Well, today was supposed to be an easy fun day, but our coordinator got a nice surprise that the Embassy was taking off tomorow, so thankfully we were able to go today. I think if we had missed it tomorrow and had to wait until Monday, I would have been a really upset Momma. After all, three wonderful munchkins are waiting for us at home.

The embassy visit went well. It was high security, but that makes sense. There were probably about 20 other families there today at the same time. Matt had to sign a few things and we had to take an oath that our information was true and accurate. Ira Joy was nervous, about this new place and so many people. When she is nervous, she picks her skin off places on her fingers. (Might have to have her wear her mittens in the plane to get her to stop). One of the families whose adoption blog I follow was also there today. That was neat to get to see them in person. We met another family getting their first adopted child (boy around 20 months). They also homeschool and have 5 biological children. Another nice family was getting their fourth child, with three other adopted children from various regions in Russia back home. We were provided with Ira's birth certificate, and other original documents, as well as her visa. So now she is ready for international travel. She wore a corduroy bishop's style smocked purple dress and purple hairbow. She looked beautiful!

We played in the children's playroom several times today. She rocked too hard on the rocking horse, and went backwards. I was actually relieved when she cried over it. She has hurt herself several times (including walking into a glass wall) and seemed unphased by it. I kissed it and she recovered pretty quick. But the next time she got on that rocking horse, she seemed to understand when I would tell her to slow down and be careful.

Papa is spoiling her by putting her on his shoulders up high to walk around. She tried to get on my shoulders and I did not comply. We walked over to the McDonalds today and she got her probably first ever cheeseburger. They gave her a McDonalds flag which she was thrilled with. She waved it around in the wind on the walk back to the hotel.

The doctor said she was pretty healthy, obviously very thin, but would overcome it. The 2T jeans I put on her actually kept falling off this morning. He wants her to see a cardiologist at home but could not hear any signs of the atrial septum defect (?). We definitely need to see an allergist soon, with her skin issues and conflicting information we've gotten. They did give us the list of immunizations, so hopefully there will be no need for repeats.

Okay, I'm so tired, I'll close this up for now. Matt is going to try to at least post the pictures from his phone, since we can't get the pictures off the camera... Just 1 more full day, then the airport!

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  1. Glad she got to have her first taste of McD's!!! YUMMY!!!