Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Days

Cupcake waiting for surgery with Scotty (dog)
What have we been up to?  Well, it seems we can't get done nearly as much as I think we should.  Everyone's answer to that is "Mom, it IS summer, you know."  So, the momma is trying to sort of take it easy too.

Cupcake had surgery again for new tubes in her ears.  She thinks it is super cool that the doctor gave her a container with one of the old tubes in it.  He thinks there is about a 50% chance that once these new tubes come out, the eustachean tubes will have developed properly in her ears.  These will probably last her another year. 

Muffy is learning to quilt.  She made a beautiful ballet themed quilt top in pinks and purples two years ago.  I've finally gotten around to showing her how to do the stitches to put it together.  She's doing a great job.  She said, "This is really hard, takes a lot of patience, but I can do it." 

E- and S- at the ballgame
 S-boy had a few productive days this week.  He pressure washed the entire deck and put together patio furniture for us.  He is also the chief "pool skimmer" for these hot days.

E's been busy making snow cones on a daily basis.  His most requested flavor is green apple.  He also makes watermelon and cotton candy flavors.  He often recruits one of the girls as his helper.  Today with temps over 100, he was our favorite guy!  Never knew how much I'd like snow cones.

Both boys took in a ballgame with their dad this week, while the girls and I went to Moonberries, a frozen yogurt shop.  However, we really wanted to try the Purple Penguin but could not find it.  Someone please give me directions!

I had a nice time at the beach last weekend, getting to know some ladies in the church better.  It was good to get back to my family though.  I'm at 15% on Little Dorrit which is a good place to be because I'm far enough into it to understand what is going on, and I began Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, on Biblical worldview.  My brain cells might have to work overtime on that one. 

Being silly at Lowe's-- we are such regular customers!
Matt did well with the kids in my absence, and even did some reorganizing in my laundry room!  Muffy girl helped him in the clothing department, so hopefully they looked okay while I was gone.

We are looking forward to next week to celebrate the 4th.  Happy Independence Day everyone!


  1. Aunt Missy loves these children so much!!!

  2. Hey, it was good reading this! I miss you guys.