Friday, June 15, 2012

Banana Pudding and other News

We've enjoyed some mild temperatures for June, relaxing just a wee bit on our big front porch.  The kids swam on Thursday, but found it to be a bit chilly.

Everyone worked harder this week at being more productive with summer assignments, music practice, and housework in general.  It is a blessing when they begin to see that something needs doing without me asking.

Our little water bug!
Cupcake was sad on Monday when her beloved Mr. Darcy's doggie life came to an end.  Mr. Darcy belonged to her Aunt Missy, but we've all played along that Mr. Darcy was Cupcake's dog that had to live with Aunt M. When I had to break the news to her, she sobbed and then told me she needed to call her daddy at work.  That little girl loves just about every animal out there, but Mr. Darcy was by far her favorite.  When we would visit, he would lay in her lap so contentedly.  She picked some flowers to put  on his grave.  She'll miss him, but NO, do not even ask, we do not feel bad enough to buy her a dog.  She can borrow her other aunt's dog that lives across the street.  ...In other not so good news, Cupcake's ear development has not progressed since the placement of the tubes.  The doctor believes she is experiencing a lot of pressure, which may be causing the return of some unwanted irritable behavior.  She doesn't have much air space for the vibrations, thus affecting her hearing again.  So, she goes in for surgery for new tubes in both ears in a couple of weeks.

Muffy has been busy entertaining Cupcake (to which I'm very thankful), drawing pictures, and coming close to finishing the delightful Mary Poppins.  She also made banana pudding from her Paula Dean kid's cookbook.  We all enjoyed that very much!
Muffy's banana pudding, S- the taster!

S- parted company with his rental violin.  Purchasing it would have meant robbing the bank (okay, not really, but anyway...).  The shop owner had three violins in our price range ready for us when we arrived.  He had S- try out a G scale on all three to compare sound, and to see if he'd "bond" with one.  Well, of course, he "bonded" with the most expensive one (without knowing price at all to bias decision).   I think S- and his new violin are going to be a great team.  Besides playing music, he is reading Oliver Twist.  It will be great fun to watch the Masterpiece Theater version with him when he finishes reading it (which will probably be quite some time from now).

E-'s wagon rides, helmets needed!
E- completed his Math-U-See Delta course today.  Hooray for E- mastering three digit multiplication and long division.  We'll begin the Math-U-See Epsilon on Monday.  It is primarily on fractions, which he's had exposure to already in previous curriculums, so we hope to go through it quickly.  He's also resumed Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson.   Other highlights have been making paper airplanes, singing country, and pulling siblings for wild rides in the wagon.

There just isn't much to post about Matt and I.  I've been extra tired, so we've both just been pushing through the routine, with a little time to read in the evenings.  Hey, no one ever tells you this, but when your kids get older, you actually end up with less free time!   I love them all though, and the ages and stages they go through so quickly.

I'm going to the beach with some ladies from church next week, so unless dear husband gets motivated to blog, there won't be a post.  Don't feel sorry for him; he'll be fine, but my house might never be the same, and if you see my kids out and about their clothes probably won't match!   Hee, hee, hee.
Delighted one girl, terrified the other.  Any guesses which?
Cupcake's version of a catbird!

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  1. I'm so sorry Cupcake has to have surgery again. I hope it fixes everything though!

    I read Oliver Twist last week. I love Dickens!