Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Samara

After approximately 11 hours flying, 7 hours of driving, and about five hours of waiting in airports, we arrived at our hotel in Samara around 8pm (Samara time is 9 hours ahead of our time). Matt slept a bit on the plane, but I slept none. Every time I was just about asleep the toddler two rows behind would begin screaming, or the stewardess would walk by with water. SO, it felt so good to get a hot shower, quick call home to check on dear sweet sick children, and go straight to bed. We slept a straight 11 hours, what a blessing!

We will go visit the orphanage this afternoon and see Miss Cupcake. We can hardly wait until tomorrow. She won't have to hear us say good-bye anymore.

Also, please pray we won't get sick with whatever our children at home have. We need to be well to get through the next few days. Can't wait to be home for good!

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